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Assembly instruction

By Michael

Juni 20, 2013

::subline::how to assemble the SOS cube accurately:::/subline::

To be installed from nearside of stationary vehicle:

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Anleitung ES 11. Put bag containing SOS Cube on the car roof with the arrow pointing in the direction of travel. Lay the tapes over both sides of the car and take them into the inside of the vehicle, then tie and pull tight.

Anleitung ES 2

2. Take the SOS Cube out of the bag. It unfolds flat first of all on a surface measuring 50cm x 50cm. Lift up one side of the SOS Cube and pull the ribbon in the middle to make it open up to full size.

Anleitung ES 33. Turn the SOS Cube to display the word „HELP / SOS“ or the warning symbol “ ! „.
Fasten again using the strips of Velcro on the left and right.

N.B.: Be sure to dismantle the SOS Cube before continuing on your journey. To pack it up again, follow the instructions in reverse order. Fold the SOS Cube should the tapes be removed from the car roof.

Here you find the assembly instruction for download!




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