Juni 21


Help reduce these tragic figures!

By Michael

Juni 21, 2013

::introtext::At first, the number of road fatalities decreased continuously in Germany, but in 2011, this trend reversed. One year later, there was a significant reduction again. Preliminary results drawn up by the Federal Statistical Office for 2012 recorded 3,601 road fatalities, which is 408 deaths fewer or 10.2 percent less than in 2011. This corresponds to an average of ten fatalities each day (source: destatis.de).

The new SOS Cube helps to reduce the number of car accidents and consequential accidents, injuries and deaths.


Securing the site of a breakdown or an accident is of particular importance. We keep reading about breakdowns and accidents triggering consequential accidents. There may be many different reasons for this, but it is likely that many breakdowns and accidents are recognized too late or not at all.

Pursuant to section 53a of the German road traffic licensing regulations, each car has to have a warning triangle on board. Apart from the warning lights, it is the only means of safety against the dangers of moving traffic in case of a breakdown or accident required by law (section 15 of the German traffic regulations).

Many times, however, the warning triangle gets set up much too close to the broken-down vehicle, or not at all. If drivers also require help, they cannot indicate this with the warning triangle alone. (Dekra diploma thesis by Martin Noss, 2012)::/introtext::


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