Juli 1


Advantages in traffic

By Michael

Juli 1, 2013


  • EARLY VISIBILITY: The SOS Cube is mounted on the car roof. This makes it visible from afar, particularly behind hill tops and corners, in case of snow and snowdrifts, floods and strong wind.
  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND SYMBOLS: Easy-to-understand warning terms and symbols help other drivers brake sooner („HELP“, „!“).
  • BRILLIANT COLOURS: The sides of the cube are in red and yellow signal colours with reflecting stripes. This makes the broken-down car far more visible even in the dark.
  • TÜV-CERTIFIED: The SOS Cube received its TÜV seal after several months of testing in June 2013. The cube thus meets important requirements of German road safety and belongs to those items relevant to the safety of public road traffic.
  • PERFECT COMPLEMENT: The rotatable SOS Cube is a perfect complement to the warning triangle. The triangle is placed at the roadside, while the cube is mounted on the car roof. This means double safety.
  • QUICKLY MOUNTED: The SOS Cube can be mounted on the car roof without much effort – even for the untrained – and is ready for use within just a few minutes. A sophisticated folding and unfolding mechanism ensures automatic setup. You just need to tie it down.
  • SAVING SPACE IN THE CAR: In the car itself, your new companion requires very little space: the packet with dimensions of 25 x 21 x 4 cm can be comfortably stowed away even in the smallest cars. 
  • The SOS Cube can be used multiple times.



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