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Road safety – A common concern

By Michael

Juli 1, 2013

::introtext::particularly in Europe’s industrial nations. And this importance is steadily growing, as mobility drastically increases all over the world.

Each year, penalties and fines for traffic violations become more drastic and even minor inattentiveness is penalized more severely. Governments are initiating campaigns intended to serve as a deterrent, e.g. by denouncing traffic deaths and horrific accidents on oversized posters next to the highway, or showing TV spots on the negative effects of alcohol in road traffic.

These actions trigger increased awareness on the road and sensitise the majority of motorists for road safety. This automatically makes people want to be safe while driving. Both car manufacturers and suppliers of the car industry have consequently invested the major part of research funds in car safety in the last decades.

German car manufacturers in particular set the standards in this field. In addition, the entire supplier industry has specialized in developing products to underline this approach, e.g. with navigation devices including traffic jam and accident warning features, warning vests – obligatory in several countries –, grids for protecting pets and passengers, or snow chains … The list is long.

It is precisely in this field of „useful accessories for car safety“ that the SOS Cube positions itself.

Compared to other products, the SOS Cube is one of the most revolutionary innovations of the past few years in this segment. The market for useful car accessories is huge both in direct retail as well as in online trade.::/introtext::




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